“Joe Keatinge has established himself as the latest new writer I want to undermine and destroy. It’s just top class stuff.”
- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

e-mail: joe@keatinge.com



This year I’m tabling throughout the show at a table in the Image Comics Creator Emporium, located at 2729.

There I’m going to have quite a few things for you to pick up including:


LIMITED TO ONLY 20 PER DESIGN! Only available at SDCC 2012! 





Glory #23-27 or Hell Yeah #1-4

This is the last show I’ll be selling these single issues!




Hell Yeah #1 Retailer Edition (only 1000 in existence) +

Hell Yeah #1 Misprinted Ashcan (only a couple dozen in existence)

This is also the last show I’ll be selling this set!


I’ll happily sign whatever you bring, in whatever quantity, at absolutely no charge, but there is a $5/signature fee for anything with a CGC Signature Series Witness.


On Thursday, I’ll be one of the Image Comics creators hanging around the CBLDF’s Comic-Con Welcome Party at the Westgate Hotel, 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 from 8 PM to 11 PM! This party is FREE for CBLDF Members. Non-Members, suggested $10 – $20 donation at the door, please. More details here.

On Friday at 7 PM in Room 4, I’ll be on the Monkeybrain Comics panel. Yeah, THAT Monkey Brain Comics - the digital initative headed by Chris Roberson & Allison Baker that made a gigantic splash last week. They announced a number of series they’re doing. They also announced I’m on their panel. Since one of the series announced wasn’t by me does that mean they’ll announce one that is at the panel?! FIND OUT, TRUE BELIEVERS! 

See ya there!

Big News #2 (of 4): BRUTAL

I’ve been vague about four pieces of Big News for a while now. The first was me signing with Paradigm. The second was announced at San Diego. Two more will be revealed at NYCC. There will likely be more.

This time around:

You’ve probably heard me mention I’m working on a book with Frank Cho. There’s a chance you’ve read it’s called BRUTAL.

It’s official now.

One of the greatest moments of my entire life was when this came up on the Image panel and the entire audience had a huge gasp of both excitement and disgust. 

Here’s what that looked like.

This was during the CREATOR OWNED COMICS WITH ROBERT KIRKMAN panel. From left to right is Image’s marketing coordinator Sarah Delaine, Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson, that Robert Kirkman guy, brilliant writer Jonathan Hickman, other brilliant writer and one of my favorite talk show hosts Jonathan Ross, Frank Cho and… HOLY CRAP WAS THAT BRIAN K. VAUGHN AND FIONA STAPLES?! Yes, it was! They announced their new book, SAGA, which was my pick for News Of The Show.

So, yeah, having my new funnybook announced on a panel with such a pedigree of creators was pretty damn exciting. Furthermore, I’ve talked about how Image Comics IS why I started creating comics, so to have a superhero book I’m writing with a massively popular artist be announced to come out on their 20th anniversary feels like the culmination of my own 20th anniversary of my first having the dream of writing comics means everything to me. I’m extremely flattered by it all. They did a great job with the debut.

Speaking of which, if you notice the teaser Image contained a watermark saying it was a Comic Book Resources exclusive. This is because it was and damn those fellas did such an amazing job with the news.

Here’s a snippet from their interview:


We know that “Brutal” is about a super-assassin, but that’s about it. What else can you tell us about the book’s concept?

Keatinge: It’s about this assassin — who we’ve never said the name of before, but should — who only goes by her last name, Stone. She’ll take out any superpowered character, superheroes and supervillains, but one ground rule we came up with early on was that there was no purely good guys and no purely bad guys, so it’s shades of gray. Regardless, she’ll take down anyone from a Superman-type guy to a Batman-type guy or a Doctor Doom-type guy, she’ll take them all out for half a billion dollars. She does have a support team, but it’s primarily just this one woman, Stone, who has an exceedingly increasing amount of power. When she’s first found, she’s taking out non-superpowered people, just any sort of hit, but if you notice, she’s progressively going after more and more powerful superbeings. Basically, what happens over the course of the first issue is she gets the attention of the wrong people by taking out some more powerful characters. The people behind the superpeople are getting pissed and go after her to see where the money trail is going. She’s accumulated all this money, it’s got to be going towards something. They want to take her out and also find out where all the money’s been going.

Cho: The main villain is not even a villain; he’s actually a billionaire businessman who’s just curious where all the money is going, so he hires her just to follow the money. He realizes it’s going to all these really high-tech weapons. That piques his curiosity, and it leads to this massive, massive twist at the end where you think it’s going to this one point, but [winds up] completely on a different page. The big reveal at the end of the final page —

Keatinge: Don’t say anything, what are you doing?[Laughs]

Check out the full transcript here. They’ve got more coming, but I’ll let them tell you about it.

Here are some nice things The Internet had to say.


Frank Cho is one of the most respected artists working today, bringing an insane amount of dynamism and detail to every page. So when Image announced his new creator-owned miniseries with Joe Keatinge, Brutal, sparks started flying. Cho’s work has always been sort of mannered, so to see him tackling extremely violent content is new. The book tells the story of Stone, a female assassin who specializes in taking out super-powered people, be they hero or villain, for a half a billion dollars a pop. It’s the kind of concept that Hollywood will drool over, so expect multimedia motion on this one.

Bleeding Cool

[Frank Cho] has another book called Brutal with Joe Keatinge about an female assassin with a refreshingly uncomplicated view on life.

Multiversity Comics

The series will poke fun at some of the established heroes from Marvel and DC, with every superhero and villain Stone goes after being an analogue for a more famous character. Cho and Keatinge also tease a big twist with the first issue, so keep your eyes out for that when the series comes out.

Nuvole Parlanti

Frank Cho, che è uno dei miei disegnatori preferiti, ha annunciato una nuova serie, Brutal, realizzata con l’amico editor e sceneggiatore Joe Keatinge.

Il titolo del progetto è perfetto per descrive in maniera efficace il tonoiperviolento a cui verremo sottoposti pagina dopo pagina, in poche parole ci sarà una super signorina che, per la modica cifra di 500 milioni di dollari, può essere ingaggiata per uccidere altri superumani, siano essi eroi o malvagi. Quando il numero dei morti comincerà a salire cosa se ne fa la protagonista di tutti quei soldi?

And finally, thanks to Borg.com, here’s a picture of me apparently not being all that impressed with how Frank holds up my iPad.


FINALLY the biggest comic convention this country has to offer has COME BACK to San Diego!

So, hell yeah, I’m totally going to be there. With Big News #1 announced I have a ton of stuff to take care of there and I’m way stoked about it. In between of Taking Care of Business I’ll be hanging with BRUTAL collaborator Frank Cho at his table in the Big Wow Art booth, 4903. While there I would be way stoked to meet you and, if you so desire, sign whatever stuff I’ve worked on that you’re kind enough to own.

Sound like enough? HELL NO IT DOESN’T!

There are three more chances for us to hang out.



Every year the CBLDF and Image Comics team up to throw one big ass part you’re all welcome to come to. The best part is every dollar you spend at the entrance or bidding on art there goes to one of the greatest causes in the comics business. The CBLDF 25th Anniversary Comic-Con Welcome Party is Thursday at the Westgate Hotel, 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 from 8 PM to 11 PM!

I will be there. I prefer Jack & Cokes. Just saying.


I’m returning to tambourine duties with Michael Allred’s psychedelic band from the future, THE GEAR, for a selection of tunes during TR!CKSTER! TR!CKSTER can be found at 200 Harbor Drive, across the street from the Con.

I will be doing this twice, Friday and Saturday night, both at 11 PM. Come early, ‘cause you know it’s gonna get packed!

And finally…


I’ve mentioned this panel in the past. Those curious about Big News #2 need to be there. Those who saw the news that BRIAN K. VAUGHN (WHAT?!?!) will be there know it’s the panel to be at on Saturday. Full description follows.

3:00-4:00 Creator-Owned Comics with Robert Kirkman— Image Comics partner and bestselling writer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) is joined by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson and some very special guests to discuss the exciting present and future possibilities of creator-owned comics. Be one of the first to hear some major announcements from the leading publisher of creator-owned comics. Plus: an exclusive print for first 100 attendees! Room 7AB

There you go.

You. Me. SDCC 2011.

It’s gonna rock, people. 
Lets do this. 

SDCC DO THIS: Image Comics Presents The CBLDF Party

I’m gonna be at this, so you should be at this:

Presented by Image Comics, Threadless, with 
TFAW.Com & Bonfire Agency

Berkeley, CA — 18 July 2011 — Celebrate Comic-Con and the CBLDF’s 25 years of defending comics at the CBLDF 25th Anniversary Welcome Party! Image Comics and Threadless are pulling out all the stops for this year’s party with an astonishing gift bag for the first 200 attendees, stunning raffle gifts, and the launch of the new Threadless Comics Tee: Noir!  
Check out the Threadless Live Art Stage, featuring David Hahn (ALL NIGHTER), Jimmie Robinson (BOMB QUEEN, T-RUNT), Anthony Diecidue (MORIARTY), Chris Houghton (REED GUNTHER), Rufus Dayglo (TANK GIRL), Edwin Huang (SKULLKICKERS), Brent Peeples (THE LAST OF THE GREATS), Camilla d’Errico (SKY PIRATES), Joe Eisma (MORNING GLORIES), and Jill Thompson (Beasts of Burden).

Special appearances also expected by: Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy), Cliff Chiang (Human Target), Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans), Becky Cloonan (Demo), Chris Roberson (iZombie), John Layman (CHEW), Poz Lang (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE), Rick Spears (REPO), Shepherd Hendrix (STAGGER LEE), Scott Tuft (SEVERED), Emi Lenox (EMITOWN), Jim Zubkavich (SKULLKICKERS), Matthew Waite (THE LAST OF THE GREATS), Alex Grecian (PROOF), Charles Soule (27), Brian Posehn (LAST CHRISTMAS), Gerry Duggan (LAST CHRISTMAS), Deborah Vankin (POSEURS), Nick Spencer (MORNING GLORIES), David Hine (BULLETPROOF COFFIN), Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH), Aubrey Sitterson (THE MISSION), Brandon Seifert (WITCH DOCTOR), Daniel Corey (MORIARTY), Ben McCool (MEMOIR, PIGS), Shane Houghton (REED GUNTHER), D.J. Kirkbride (POPGUN), Joe Keatinge (BRUTAL), Brian Haberlin (DIGITAL ART TUTORIALS), Glen Brunswick (JERSEY GODS), Joshua Hale Fialkov (ECHOES, THE LAST OF THE GREATS), Mink (DUST WARS), Derek McCulloch (PUG, STAGGER LEE), and more!  
Garza and Mancat will be spinning records throughout the evening. All this plus a preview of Saturday night’s CBLDF Auction from 
TFAW.com, and a first look at the exciting CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011!

Come check out The CBLDF 25th Anniversary Comic-Con Welcome Party Thursday at the Westgate Hotel, 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 from 8 PM to 11 PM!


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…if you’re reading this blog and have been wondering about the projects I’ve had to be more vague about AND are going to SDCC on Saturday, well, you should go to this panel.

That’s all I can say.

3:00-4:00 Creator-Owned Comics with Robert Kirkman— Image Comics partner and bestselling writer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) is joined by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson and some very special guests to discuss the exciting present and future possibilities of creator-owned comics. Be one of the first to hear some major announcements from the leading publisher of creator-owned comics. Plus: an exclusive print for first 100 attendees! Room 7AB