“Joe Keatinge has established himself as the latest new writer I want to undermine and destroy. It’s just top class stuff.”
- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

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HELL YEAH debuts POPGUN 2.0 (kind of)

I really like anthologies.

Way back in the year 2006, Mark Andrew Smith and I started an anthology entitled PopGun, published by Image Comics. It did pretty well over its four volumes, winning such acclaim as the much coveted Eisner Award and even a couple of Harveys. To me, that was all icing on a cake filled with some of the most amazing talent in comics, both new and old. We premiered some of the first full-color Image Comics-published work by folks like Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Angie Wang, Frank Stockton, Alexis Ziritt, JM Ken Niimura, Jim Zubkavich among others as well as featured stories and covers by some of comics best veteran creators like Erik Larsen, Michael Allred, Paul Pope, Rick Remender, Andy Kuhn, Jeffrey Brown and many, many more. At this point it’s on an extended, indefinite (possibly infinite) sabbatical. Everyone involved in our editorial team have gone our separate ways creatively, for the time being.

I got into comics to write, but as I came up through the ranks I got a big bug for other things. Working at Image Comics, I got exposed to a huge amount of amazing new talent. PopGun was born out of wanting to give this talent a place to start. From there, editing and project management became something of an itch I loved to scratch.

As my focused shifted to writing, the opportunities to edit were offered, but I wasn’t able to pursue all of them. Furthermore, the opportunity to anthologize newer talent or established talent wishing for a place to experiment wasn’t there as much. I saw places like Dark Horse Presents cropping up as good alternatives, but even still, it was something I really, really enjoyed.

So, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Beginning in Hell Yeah #3, I’m starting a sort-of POPGUN 2.0. Not officially on in name, but we’re going to start anthologizing comics by creators I’m really excited about, much in the vein of POPGUN. This is an invite-only series of creator-owned shorts by cartoonists, artists and writers I think either are or will someday be a way big deal. I’ve been lucky to have a good amount of success in comics, in good part because of help I’ve had along the way, and I think it’s really, really important and essential to pay that forward.

First up:

To kick things off, we’re running a three-part serial illustrated by one of my favorite artists (and people in general), David Hahn, written by a new collective of writers coming out of Arizona, The Three One Five, entitled Baby Girl. It’s a pretty sweet bit of action comics I first came across at Emerald City Comic Con last year. I’m really stoked to debut it in Hell Yeah.

Baby Girl will run in Hell Yeah #3-5. Here’s a short preview:

In addition, beginning in issue #4, I’m also running one-page strips of my favorite new comic:

Yeah, that’s right. TIGER LAWYER. It’s a comic book about a tiger who is a lawyer. I was sold at the concept alone. Oh, also, he talks.

I got to read the comic and was really impressed by how unique, hilarious and interesting it was. Good times. I immediately asked writer Ryan Ferrier if he was cool with doing one-pagers. I was very happy when he said yes. 

That’s just the beginning. Starting in issue #6, I’m going to be serializing something by a writer I am very, very, very excited about. I hope you will be too.

Here’s to The Future! I’m excited!

Fav Five

iFanboy posted their list of top five comic book writers to watch out for in 2012. At #3?

3. Joe Keatinge

There is no one in comics, and I know a lot of people in comics, more enthusiastic about what’s in his future. Joe worked at Image Comics doing marketing and PR, and has returned, reborn as the comic book writer he’s always wanted to be. Teaming with Frank Cho, of all people, for Brutal his debut, then following it up with Hell Yeah, and also resurrecting Glory, all with Image Comics. Joe already won an Eisner for his part in the Pop Gun Anthology to boot. Joe waited, made the connections, and is doing it right. Now, he’s got to back it up with great content. If the work is half as good as his enthusiasm suggests, he’ll be all right.


A giant thank you goes to iFanboy! Pretty stoked, especially since the list includes such fine fellas as Sam Humphries, Joshua Williamson, Nathan Edmondson and Joshua Hale Fiaklov. Very, very flattered!

Emerald Bound: Where I’ll Be And What I’m Doing At Emerald City Comic Con

This weekend - March 4-6th, 2011 - is one of my absolute favorite shows, Emerald City Comic Con.

You going? Well, heck yeah! Stop on by Artist Alley Table L-10, 11 & 12, where I’ll be sitting with my fellow studio mates of Portland, OR’s Tranquility Base.

Here’s a map.

I’ll be talking all about the new creator owned superhero book I’m doing with Frank Cho, Brutal, the book I’m editing with Frank Cho, 50 Girls 50, and a number of projects that have nothing to do with Frank Cho, like PopGun, my contribution to Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies, some ongoing series I can’t go into detail on and writing about comics in France for Comic Box.

Also, I’ll have a number of books on hand including PopGun Vol 1 & 2 (available separately at cover price or at the special Social Network discount of $50 for both!) and copies of some of my rarer work, like Next Issue Project #2: Silver Streak Comics and the first ever comic featuring something I wrote, Negative Burn #6! Holy moley!

Finally, if you like free sketches which look like they’re illustrated by someone drawing comics in 1920-1950, you are IN LUCK. Just bring photo reference if it’s not Krazy Kat or Little Nemo. I’ll do something more elaborate than a quick character sketch for $20/pop. Not bad!

Just think! By coming by L-10, 11 & 12 you could live life just like the world famous comics god, Jean “Moebius” Giraud!