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Over the weekend Rich Johnston’s BLEEDING COOL made the exclusive debut of this piece of teaser

I know folks say this a lot, but I gotta stress it: this issue’s a big one for a number of reasons. Yeah, it’s the first issue after the tradepaperback. Yeah, it’s a major jumping on point. Yeah, a lot of crazy shit goes down. There’s more to it than that.

I’ve always viewed the first storyline, LAST DAY ON EARTHS, to be a bit of an extended origin story for Ben. This next one, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT, is very indicative of what the series will be like going forward. And it’s to a very different place.

I’ll put it like this, if LAST DAY ON EARTHS was the child of early 90s Image Comics, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT is what happens when the kid grows up and is on their own. You’ll see what I mean when it hits in September.

However, there’s more to it than just that. As you can see from the above, the art looks a bit different than usual and radically different from the original version of the cover that got out online.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original:


I like the original. It’s good, but I thought we needed to be great for #6. In a sense, it’s the books true beginning. This is the series I always envisioned doing. We needed it to be even better going forward.

So, first off, interior colorist Jason Lewis has taken over cover colors from Andre. Andre does a good job, but Jason’s been doing an increasingly amazing job on the interiors. It didn’t feel right to hide his work from people peeping the covers on the stands.

Second, you’ll notice a second name under Andre’s signature. That’s Fabio Redivo, who is now handling inks on the book - both on the cover and the interiors. Dude’s such an amazing fit for Andre. The combination of the two of them turn out something really great. 

I think Fabio and Jason working with Andre is making the book even better looking than ever before. Just check out this step-by-step breakdown of how they created the issue #6 cover.

First with Andre’s pencils…

Then Fabio’s inks…

and finally, for comparison’s sake, Jason’s colors (sans text).

Looking pretty good, huh?

With the art even better than before, I thought it was time I receive some additional help. One problem I run in with creator-owned comics is having a lack of an editor. At Image especially, there are no editors, so it’s up to you to self-edit. Regardless of all my experience with PopGun, One Model Nation and so on, I wish I had a different pair of eyes looking over my work and shepherding things along. Some people think having an editor on a creator-owned book is somehow a bad thing, but I know in my own experience editors have been an extremely valuable part of the writing process. I dig ‘em.

So, starting immediately, we have one. I’m bringing on iFanboy’s own Ron Richards to be that second pair of eyes. If you listen to iFanboy, you know Ron has one of the sharpest critical eyes in comics. That guy’s opinion goes a long way with me, so I’m thrilled to have him on board. In addition, the guy is one of my closest friends and was even in the room when Andre and I shook hands to do this book all those years ago. He’s someone I have no qualms trusting with my comics baby.

I gotta say I’m really stoked for the future of the book - now more than ever before. I feel like we’re really hitting a good stride with the new team. The pages coming in are the best the book’s ever looked and it’s feeling like we’ve locked this thing down.

Hell Yeah #6. September 2012.