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Thoughts on the Daniel Maghen/Christie’s Comics Art Auction

I think this is by far one of the biggest stories in the comics world to come in months.

The quick gist is the Daniel Maghen Gallery, one of the most prestigious comics art galleries in the world, has teamed up with the world renowned auction house, Christie’s, to present one of the most astonishing collections of original art to go up at once, at such a huge public venue.

While original art auctions are something of regularity, especially through Heritage Auctions, I think one of this caliber going through Christie’s has the potential to really change the global field of comics original art within the mainstream art world. While there have obviously been some major art sales over the last several years, I think the potential here is massive. It’s not just that it’s Maghen. It’s not just that it’s Christie’s. It’s the combination of them, with the work being presented that makes this a huge deal in the arts world, solidifying comics place as not a niche, but placing its sales in a larger context it’s not normally associated with.

Here’s the English language press release. There’s a huge selection of original art scans linked here, featuring — among many others — Jean Giraud (including both Blueberry and some Moebius work), Osamu Tezuka, Albert Uderzo, Jacques Tardi, Will Eisner, Peyo, Mike Mignola, Milo Manara, André Julliard, André Franquin, Jean-Pierre Gibrat (who I’ve been talking a lot lately, after a current obsession fueled by the original of the piece they have available here) and many, many more

Going once, going twice… sold! Christie’s, the world renowed auction house, and Daniel Maghen Gallery, Europe’s premier sequential art gallery, have undertaken a historical partnership to present a original art auction of unprecidented scale. This prestigious event will be solidifying sequential art’s place in the global art market.

Over 200 original pieces from a world-wide selection of major comics and illustration artists will be available, including the cover art from Albert Uderzo’s Asterix and the Soothsayer as well as the one fromFranquin's Spirou and Fantasio - L’héritage. This finely curated selection includes historic artists (Franquin, Peyo, Jacobs, Will), classics (Pratt, Moebius, Tardi, Bilal, Gibrat), new talents (Mallié, Brüno, Vallée, Boiscommun) and illustrators (Lacombe, Graffet, Brizzi).

An initial selection will be on display at theDaniel Maghen Gallery from Wednesday, January 29th to Saturday, March 1st and at Christie’s during Le Salon du Dessin (26th to the 31st of March) and Wednesday, April 2nd to Saturday, April 5th. The catalogue (March 15th) will combine Christie’s and Maghen’s unique know-how in designing such prestigious volumes. Auction date: Saturday, April 5th.



As I mentioned before, during Image Expo I moderated a panel called I is for Irreverent. Amongst the panelists was my pal Brandon, who I’m sure you know well from his fine comics like King City, Multiple Warheads and Prophet.

During the panel Brandon mentioned I was, in his words, “the child Image raised.” 

He later expounded, “I was thinking about how for you Image was the spark that lit how you felt about about comics and what you wanted to pursue in a comics career, and then you working there for so long and learning how the industry worked through your comic heroes.”

And I don’t think he’s wrong.

I do love other comics tremendously. I don’t think I’ve been shy about my love of working in the worlds Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and countless others built at Marvel. I run a Tumblr dedicated entirely to Hugo Pratt. Katsuhiro Otomo, Osamu Tezuka and Naoki Urasawa are just as big as influences as anyone else. Batman and Superman are pretty cool. As others have paraphrased, “Comics Rule Everything Around Me.”

That all said, Image does have a special place in my heart. They lit that spark to make this comics thing my entire life, not just my hobby. They took me from spectator to creator. I am who I am in a lot of ways because of Image Comics.

Yet its been a while since I’ve done something purely creator-owned. HELL YEAH is  wrapping up (slowly but surely, I’ll be showing evidence on Thursday) with #10. Ken Garing and I are continuing to plug away at INTERGALACTIC. I’ve done a lot of fun work-for-hire like GLORY, MARVEL KNIGHTS: HULK and most recently, TECH JACKET DIGITAL.

So at Image Expo we announced I’d be getting back to my roots, so to speak.

Let’s talk about SHUTTER, after the cut.

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A stack of Jack Kirby’s News Gods pages, from the stack to be scanned for IDW Publishing’s New Gods Artists Edition. 

Jack Kirby’s The Last Enemy, a sort of proto-Kamandi from 1957’s Alarming Tales #1, via Cartoon Snap.

Note that’s a few years before even Pierre Boule’s Planet of the Apes novel, of which the movie adaptation is somewhat apocryphally cited as Kirby’s main inspiration for Kamandi.

Happy Birthday to Erik Larsen!

There’s never enough Richard Corben in my life.


This comic book is back.


Written by me. Art by Andre & new inker Fabio Redivo. Letters by COMEBACK’s Ed Brisson. Covers by RICKEN. Colors by Jason Lewis. Edited by Ron Richards. Good times by all.

Also features a letters page, TIGER LAWYER and a new comic written by Chris Sebela. All for $3.50. CHEAP.

Here’s a big ass preview.

Plaster of Paris, from The Spirit by Will Eisner