“Joe Keatinge has established himself as the latest new writer I want to undermine and destroy. It’s just top class stuff.”
- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

e-mail: joe@keatinge.com

Going For The Glory With CBR

I had a long talk with CBR’s TJ Dietsch about everything I’m working on. Well, the announced stuff anyway

Here’s an excerpt:

Campbell’s art and your take on the character seem to take her pretty far away from Glory’s bad girl roots — was that on purpose?

Yes, very much so. I don’t like repeating the past. Like I said before, the potential for comics is without limit. Why keep repeating the same types of stories? The Glory conceived in the ’90s wouldn’t be as relevant in the present, just like the Superman of 1938. Things get reinvented for the time.

Plus, we saw a great opportunity to bring in the kinds of characters we wanted to see in comics in general. I’m pretty disturbed by the term “strong women” as a compliment to characters — it suggests most women are weak. It’s bullshit. The women in my life are all “strong.” I have a mother, a stepmother, a couple of grandmothers and a bunch of aunts who kick a lot of ass. My maternal grandmother alone is in her late 80s and could probably outrun most people I know.

There’s a whole lot more, but it’s exclusive to CBR!

Fav Five

iFanboy posted their list of top five comic book writers to watch out for in 2012. At #3?

3. Joe Keatinge

There is no one in comics, and I know a lot of people in comics, more enthusiastic about what’s in his future. Joe worked at Image Comics doing marketing and PR, and has returned, reborn as the comic book writer he’s always wanted to be. Teaming with Frank Cho, of all people, for Brutal his debut, then following it up with Hell Yeah, and also resurrecting Glory, all with Image Comics. Joe already won an Eisner for his part in the Pop Gun Anthology to boot. Joe waited, made the connections, and is doing it right. Now, he’s got to back it up with great content. If the work is half as good as his enthusiasm suggests, he’ll be all right.


A giant thank you goes to iFanboy! Pretty stoked, especially since the list includes such fine fellas as Sam Humphries, Joshua Williamson, Nathan Edmondson and Joshua Hale Fiaklov. Very, very flattered!

  • I talked comics with Tim O'Shea. Here's an excerpt.

  • O’Shea:

    Will you concede that when you say lines like “Hell Yeah is the direct result of almost thirty years of comics passion put into one book.” that you may be putting some pressure on yourself?

  • Keatinge:

    Absolutely not.

  • I’ve been reading comics in many different forms in many different genres my whole life. Every life experience I’ve ever had somehow informs the work I’m doing today. It’s not hype, it’s fact.

  • Besides, I think pressure’s a good thing. Poor work comes out when you’re comfortable. I am extremely hard on myself with everything I do. A small part of it is psychological condition. Most of it is never wanting to be boring.


The dudes at Bad Haven picked up on my ‘SUPER VIOLENT SUPER-HEROICS’ trilogy and said some kind things!

Former Image Publicist Joe Keatinge’sz has got us really excited with his Extreme revival title Glory, his own creator-owned seriesHell Yeah and the hard-hitting hero book Brutal. Keatinge’s titles alone would be enough to raise an eyebrow with his plans for exploring the darker spectrum of super-heroics with a super-violent, action packed content, but teamed with artists ranging from veteran Frank Choz, indie artist Ross Campbellz and newcomer Andre Szymanowicz, Keatinge’s is looking to take 2012 by storm and I suspect he just might. Below are his three new titles and a brief word from the writer on what he has to say about each. In short, they sound awesome!! 

Thanks, fellas!


I had a nice, long chat with interviewer Chris Arrant on basically everything I’m working on, to writing the decades-in-the-making HELL YEAH with illustrator Andre Szymanowicz reviving GLORY with illustrator Ross Campbell and co-writing BRUTAL with, well, co-writer/co-creator/total-art ist Frank Cho. Thanks, Chris!

Here’s an excerpt:

Nrama: In an interview over at iFanboy, you call Hell Yeah a “thematic if not direct sequel” to early Image comics. Can you talk about that connection to the Image 7 days of Image?

Keatinge: The early Image Comics stuff showed me there were no restrictions with what you could do with comics. You didn’t have to do comics like the other company’s were doing. You could kill your main villain, you could kill your main hero! The idea of doing my own comic with my own characters without being restrained by brand integration or whatever. I want to maintain the excitement of those early books with modern sensibilities, combined with my other influences at the time, which range from people like Daniel Clowes, Adrian Tomine, Moebius, Hugo Pratt and so on. As far as being a direct sequel? I’d certainly love it if it eventually crossed over with the original Image creations.

In fact, it already has. The Hell Yeah universe has already made one appearance in an original seven Image founders book. My Savage Dragon #171 back-up story has direct ties to Hell Yeah, so be sure to buy it up in droves and sell it for a million dollars someday. May the speculating begin!

Actually, don’t. Just buy it and enjoy the story.

All this and MUCH MORE can be yours with a mere click!


The good guys over at Multiversity Comics have generously declared today to be ‘Joe Keatinge Day’!

First up is quite possibly my longest video interview yet, where we cover everything from working with illustrator Andre Szymanowicz on HELL YEAH, illustrator Ross Campbell on GLORY and co-writer/illustrator on BRUTAL! PLUS: I finally reveal where I get my favorite sandwich! 

Second is an EXCLUSIVE annotation of the Glory #23 preview, annotated by me! Get a sneak peak of our creative process and I let a couple of cats out of the bag along the way!

BIG NEWS #2.5 (of 4): Brutale!

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook the other day I had signed a big contract while on vacation. I was told this afternoon I should talk about it.

So I am.

I’m thrilled to announce Frank and I have signed a three book deal with the largest comics publisher in France, Delcourt, beginning with BRUTAL volume one, to debut Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angouleme 2013.

Here’s me signing the contract:

Yes, that’s a Geof Darrow shirt. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, you may remember Delcourt from the recent news they bought Soleil, which is the industry equivalent of Marvel buying DC. It was - is - massive news. The effects are still being felt out here and I have to say, as bias as I may now be, it’s all looking positive. They also publish such titles as Walking Dead, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Invincible, Rocketeer, Welcome to Hoxford, Hellboy, The Goon, Star Wars and about a bazillion other comics, Bande Dessinee and even manga. Good company to be in.

However, the company’s only part of it. I love the Delcourt staff. Everyone I’ve talked to there - from their Publisher Guy Delcourt to their events managers, marketing people and designers - really, really care about what they publish and how it’s represented. This is embodied most of all in the book’s brilliant editor, Thierry Mornet. Thierry’s a guy whose name you’ll hear kicked around a lot in the French comics community and with good reason. He’s one of the best editors in any comics field, French, American or otherwise. There’s not a lot of people I outright trust to such a huge degree on an editorial level, but Thierry’s certainly one of them. There are a few more, but it’s a very exclusive club. 

On a personal level, French comics have had a huge influence on me. Working within that industry is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I wanted a career in comics at all. Being an author with a book debuting at Angouleme is a goal I thought was many a year away, so this has taken things to a whole new level much sooner than anticipated. While I do plan on going back in 2012, this still gives me a year to work on my awful command of the language before I have to do a signing. Being in the good hands of Delcourt makes me think it’s a good start.

The best part is, that’s just what it is - a start. This signifies a beginning of a long held dream of working within this particular industry. I’m feeling extremely grateful.

That said, there will be more news about stuff I’m working on in the French industry.

And not just with Delcourt.

That’s gotta wait for another day.