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A Moebius-t Proposal: An Open Letter to Marvel Comics

UPDATE 03/11/2012: In light of this making the rounds again lately, I did want to clarify a couple things I failed to the first time. None of this is intended to imply I think I can do a better job than anyone over at Marvel. Their collected editions department does a fine job, especially with their impressive amount of output.

Furthermore, no disrespect is meant to Mr. Pollard. His work’s mighty fine. I just think Moebius deserves a solo spotlight.

Dear Marvel Comics,

 For the majority of my life I’ve been a comics fan, regardless of where they’re produced. While I don’t know exactly how my passion for comics started, Marvel Comics were certainly always there since the beginning. Somewhere early along the line I also became completely enamored with the work of Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud. I’ve noticed you are too! From your line of Epic reprints in the 90s, to various collaborations like the series of posters he did and the famed two-issue Silver Surfer: Parable. In fact, I’ve just become aware you’re bringing back Parable into print, which is why I’m writing to you today.

I want to edit your reprint of Silver Surfer: Parable.

I am willing to do this for free.

Why would I waive my normal editorial fee for this project? It’s simple. I just want to see this done right. Giraud is one of the world’s true living comics masters and any work of his deserves a grander release than a reprint focusing on Silver Surfer. There’s a world-wide market for an edition along the lines of what I’m envisioning, melding together the story, art book and historical documentation.

Instead of a monetary fee, I ask for the following:

- Complete final edit, both of art and text, of the project, save for any input from Giraud and his estate. This also includes choosing paper stock for the project, within a reasonable budget.

- Cancellation of the current hardcover, to be resolicited after a proper edit over the whole book and possible art restoration. The date will be agreed upon before hand, but will allow for the proper amount of time to do this book correctly. The project’s focus would shift from being a Silver Surfer-focused book to one including the Parable story, but also overlooking Moebius’ contributions to Marvel.

- The right to remove the non-Moebius material and replace it with a number of other Moebius-produced art Marvel has at their disposal, as well as retrospectives and text pieces offering historical context to the piece.

- Giraud receives first billing on the project ahead of any other collaborators. 

- Marvel Comics will cover a budget to-be-determined for other business expenses involved with the book, such as the possible art restoration. This budget would include related expenses I might incur, such as a per diem for business dinners with agreed upon parties.

- Input on how the book would be promoted, including the final title, ad design, etc.

- 25 complimentary copies of each edition of the hardcover, including reprints and limited editions, if such are produced.

In exchange you receive, free of my usual fees:

- an Eisner & Harvey-award winning editorial skillset, which covers directly editing or overseeing thousands of pages of Image Comics’ PopGun and other projects including the Titan Books graphic novel One Model Nation, New Ultimates’ Frank Cho’s 50 Girls 50, and Avenging Spider-Man’s Ferran Daniel’s Turbo Defiant.

- Decades of understanding of not only Moebius’ work, but also the French market as a whole and first hand experience of properly translating such works (such as my involvement in Image Comics best-selling Wonderful Wizard of Oz). 

- an editor who is also more established than most American editors in the French market, having recently signed a multi-book deal with Delcourt and remains a regular writer for the number one French magazine on mainstream American comics, Comic Box. This also includes regular trips to the region, which I will largely incur travel expenses for, assuming Marvel covers expenses business including in-country travel unrelated to non-project business I have there.

Of course, there will be more details and contracts to be nailed out, but I believe this adequately covers what I’m willing to do to see this project done right. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joe Keatinge

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